Are you doing it right?

Tell me, have you been pulling your hair trying to figure out your Pinterest strategy? You're confused about what you're supposed to do and you're overthinking every action so much that you just end up pushing it back to "one day when I have time"?
Today's the day!

Let me introduce the pinterest strateg!y checklist

Go from overwhelmed to confident that what you're doing on Pinterest will get you closer from your goals! With the checklist in your hand, no more wondering! Not only, you get a clear step-by-step plan to follow to set your strategy, you'll also get clarity on your goals and on what actions will get you closer from them with the fill-in-the blank strategy worksheet! Plus, it's 100% FREE!

What's in the checklist?

Follow the items in the checklist to create your Pinterest strategy!


Create your strategy

The first checklist will help you take the necessary steps to optimize your Pinterest business account.

With this fill-in-the-blank strategy worksheet, you'll come up with a Pinterest plan you can print and follow to ditch the overwhelm!

With this checklist, you'll make sure you're ready to get your content on Pinterest and you'll get items to make the most of the traffic Pinterest will send you!

After Pinterest

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I help coaches and service based businesses understand Pinterest and use it to create a sustainable marketing strategy and a business they love!

Over the last few years I set up and managed a dozen accounts in different niches that required different strategies. Pinterest is not a one size fits all strategy and I’ve gone through the trials and errors so you don’t have to experience them. I’ll help you understand your industry on Pinterest, manage your expectations and come up with a Pinterest strategy tailored to your business and to YOU.

I'm Domitille,

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