Ready to harness the power of Pinterest to market your small business but not sure where to start? The Pinterest 101 Ebook is for you!

Let's be honest! You've been trying to use Pinterest countless times before but you just end up being too overwhelmed and never get around it! I don't blame you! There's so much information about the topic and half of it is outdated. It's hard to know who to trust and what to do.

Pinterest 101 Guide


I gathered the essential information to get started! And not only will you learn why you need to optimize your profile, but you will also learn how users behave on the platform and how it can benefit you, as a business owner. We're talking basics so you start your Pinterest journey with the knowledge you need to not feel overwhelmed when people are throwing Pinterest lingo at you!

Here's what you'll learn:
- How Pinterest differs from an end-user to a business owner
- How a Pinterest business account works
- Why you need to optimize your profile & how
- What you need to focus on to create a sustainable Pinterest strategy
- The common beginner mistakes you need to avoid
- How to do a thorough keyword research

Plus, you'll get access to:
- 10+ video training library
- Pinterest workflow Trello board template

That's why I wrote the Pinterest 101 guide!

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Brittany Hastings Design

What I really wanted was to understand the platform and to understand how I could use it myself. I didn’t realize how much easier and clear the Pinterest 101 guide was going to make Pinterest. It’s honestly become something that I like to do now and I feel like it’s actually working for me and will continue to grow. 

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Brittany Hastings Design

I didn’t feel good about my Pinterest strategy. I knew I wanted to use it but I didn’t have a strategy. Now, when I sit down to work on my Pinterest, I have a very clear process (that Domitille created for me on one of our strategy calls). It makes it possible for me to use Pinterest on my own and get the best results possible. Before we worked together, it was basically a guessing game for me. She knows Pinterest inside and out and she is the only person I would trust with my account.”

“If you want to get serious about using Pinterest, don’t hesitate to put your faith in Domitille!

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